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The Wedding Planner

Its almost here. You have chosen the best venue, the cake is baked, the guests invited, dress and hair appointment fixed; that just leaves you, the most important part. All eyes will be on you so we want to help make you look and feel amazing in time for your big day.

We offer a complete wedding day package from massage to makeup all in our wonderful salon and staff to match.

How can we help?

A head to toe approach, lets start with your eyes. How about some wonderful extending lashes to give you added volume, a reshape of the brow perhaps maybe a tint?  And of course a full makeup session from our spectacular pallete of colours.

Moving on when that ring is slipped onto your finger, dazzle your partner with gorgeous gel nails or a simple Shellac finish.

Not forgetting your feet, we have a dazzling array of colour choices to make those little pinkies everything but! Combined with a luxurious spa pedicure in our relaxing massage chairs and a hard skin removal process to make sure those lovely new shoes fit even more perfectly.

The occasion will run even more smoothly with hair free skin on the day, choose from our Lycon hot wax for those more intimate areas and strip wax for larger areas such as legs and arms.

Don’t forget the face! As great preparation for makeup we offer a wide range of facials for different skin types. From simple exfoliation to managing spots or acne our facial range partnered with Medik8 skin solutions will combine to create an extra glow and radiant looking skin, leaving you feeling great.
Worried about the dress fitting perfectly? Worry no more. With a sensible diet and our body contouring treatment, perfect for ironing out the little lumps and bumps that nature has blessed us with, you can be confident that the little black number for the evening do will be just that!
Stress getting the better of you? Take time out for me time, enjoy a back neck and shoulder massage or even a full body massage to sooth away the anxiety of planning the perfect day.

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